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Office Renovation Vancouver

At some point in the history of an office space, upgrades are inevitable.  Design features lose their functionality, styles become passé, or business grows beyond the capacity of the space.  Regardless of the motivation for the upgrades, ensuring an efficient, functional, and safe office space will warrant either renovation or rebuilds – so how do you know the best approach for your business?  To renovate or rebuild is the age-old question, and we’ve got the answers.


Renovations and remodel projects involve restoring your office in a way that makes it more relevant for the times.  Basic renovations involve assessing office spaces for effectiveness and style so that current trends in office organization and design can be implemented to improve aesthetics, workflow, and client and staff satisfaction.  Renovations tend to be smaller projects that include various repairs such as drywall and flooring repairs and mould abatement.  Additionally, office renovations may involve updating office furniture and equipment for a more efficient office.

On the more involved end of the renovation spectrum, business owners consider a more complete remodel of the space.  This may involve an overhaul of the office layout, review of building codes to bring the office and office structures up-to-date, or expanding into existing spaces to allow for company growth.  So, as you can see renovations and remodels tend to be smaller scale projects aimed at improving style, efficiency, and functionality.


As the title suggests, an office rebuild involves a complete renewal of your office – usually in a different location.  If you have renovated multiple times in the past few years or the functionality of your office cannot meet your company’s demands, you may be looking at a more major rebuild to ensure your office serves your clients and your company.  Rebuilding allows for uniform upgrades and incorporates all the benefits of renovations or remodels while also giving you complete control over the style, design, and layout of your space.  A rebuild allows you to integrate the most advanced building and office technologies seamlessly into your day-to-day operations.

Obviously, there are significant costs differences between renovations and rebuilds, so it is important to work with a qualified commercial contractor to determine the best fit for your organization.  If you find that your current office space serves the needs of your staff and company well, but you’re wary that the aesthetics of your space are reminiscent of the 20th century, a renovation may be all you need.  On the other hand, if you notice that workflow is interrupted by poor organizational features of your office, equipment is outdated, and you are running out of physical space, a rebuild may be in order.  Ultimately, you need to consider your current and future needs, as well as budget to decide whether it’s time for a rebuild or renovation.